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Offering a wide selection of taxis for sale from well-known manufacturers. At Cabs 4 Less we’ve secured exceptional fleet terms on all our cabs and minibuses for sale with some of the UK’s top names in cars and commercial vehicles, and this enables us to offer you the kinds of discounts you’ve been searching for.

Cabs 4 Less is an independent, family-run business entering its eleventh year of trading. Our ongoing aim is to offer you the best deals going.

Our strong fleet discounts, low finance rates and great customer service makes us the competitive option across all these brands. With our experience we have the knowledge to help you choose the right deal for you!

Cabs 4 Less is going from strength to strength…here are the reason’s why:-

  1. Honesty is the best policy!-Our focus is on supplying YOU the customer with the right car at the right monies.
  2. Our fleet discounts are some of the strongest available YOU should see this in the deal we offer.
  3. We believe that “word of mouth” is the biggest marketing tool in our industry. It’s therefore in our own interests to keep YOU happy.
  4. We’re constantly looking for fleet deals to pass on, with regular changes to our website and paper marketing, on both New and used vehicles.

All of the above will help US grow and keep YOU coming back to US!

See our testimonials list-Real people who have dealt with CABS 4 LESS.

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