Renault Trafic wheelchair accessible

Rear door access

Conversion Features

  • Side or rear door access
  • Telescopic, Flat bed or Underfloor ramp
  • Option of protection screen and Intercom
  • 4 point hold-down kit for wheelchair
  • 3 point safety seatbelt for w/c

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Rear Door Wheelchair Access

With the Renault Trafic there is the option of folding the 3rd row of seating forward in two stages via the handles at the side of the seat. This will position the 3rd row up against the back of Row 2, and free up the floor space to accommodate a wheelchair. This style of conversion is a cheaper option than conference seating. Prices start from as little as £1450 including VAT.

The equipment used is an Unwin Solo system which includes the following:-

  • The two Solo front straps are fitted with a tongue and buckle to facilitate easy operation.
  • The Combined Quattro Solo system offers a fully adjustable webbing retractor and karabiner hooks to suit most wheelchair anchoring positions.
  • Quattro Solo incorporates a left and right tensioning handle to easily secure the wheelchair during transport.
  • The combined passenger restraint comprises of a reversible stalk that can rotate to fit either side of the vehicle and a black housing reel with red and black webbings for high visibility for the drivers or carers.
  • The combined Quattro Solo uses red webbing to provide high visibility for the drivers and carers.
  • This system requires 4 Solo anchors.
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